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Secure your assets with a solar powered construction site security camera from Vision Intelligence Kalgoorlie

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Construction Site Security Cameras Kalgoorlie

Vision Intelligence Kalgoorlie & Surrounding Areas

Browsing for consturction site security camera hire? Vision Intelligence are Kalgoorlie's most reliable, and experienced solar security camera specialists. Vision Intelligence Kalgoorlie account managers can help you find the perfect camera system for securing your high-value assets and property on large, medium or small construction sites. Our solar security cameras are also perfect for civil work sites or events. Vision Intelligence Kalgoorlie has the most reliable solar cameras and experienced technicians in Kalgoorlie and the surrounding area.

With 50 years combined experience, ISO quality assurance, a leading R&D team and 30+ branches across Australia & New Zealand, you can rely on Vision Intelligence Kalgoorlie for quality construction site security cameras.

Vision Intelligence are the solar security camera specialists throughout Kalgoorlie - and surrounding areas

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Construction Security Camera Range

Vision Intelligence Kalgoorlie

Address: Lot 580 Goldfields Highway, Yilkari WA 6430

Phone: 08 9021 2600

Email: kalgoorlie@visioni.com.au

Reducing our environmental impact


Vision Intelligence is developing solar powered products that would otherwise have a carbon negative impact.


We generate in excess of 30,000 kilowatt hours of solar energy per month.

Outdoor Solar Surveillance System

Solar powered construction site security camera system perfect for securing your high-value assets and property on large construction and civil work sites.

This dual focus system with interchangeable lenses and infrared lights ensures coverage for every situation and application… day and night!


Outdoor Solar Surveillance Camera

Solar powered camera system perfect for securing small to medium construction sites, residential home builders, illegal dumping sites, or events.

With two options, the single lens is ideal for monitoring small to medium spaces, while the dual lens is perfect for larger areas.


Single Lens Solar Surveillance Camera

Solar powered camera system perfect for securing small construction sites, residential building sites and events. The interchangeable lens and infrared light will ensure your assets are protected 24/7.

The VisionMate security camera allows smaller building sites an affordable option to keep their building site safe & secure.


Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Ideal for monitoring sites with access to power. Secure your warehouses, factories, homes & yards, car parks, car yards, schools, construction sites and more.

The low powered wall mounted V3000 video security camera unit features a dual view system with interchangeable lenses and infrared capacity to ensure your valuables are monitored 24/7.


Vision Trailer
Mobile Surveillance Trailer

The Vision Intelligence CCTV trailer is the ideal surveillance solution for remote areas that have no power or network.


Time-Lapse Camera
Showcase your construction site or event

Our time-lapse cameras are the perfect option to showcase your site or event and allow you to access footage at any stage throughout the project via our customised smartphone app.

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