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Large civil contractor, Daracon, were experiencing break and enter to their site offices and containers, damage to their plant and equipment and theft of diesel fuel from the machinery. Due to their nature these projects are normally located in remote locations hidden away from the general public and neighbours, making sites vulnerable to theft and property damage. Vision Intelligence provided a total site security and surveillance solution.





Vision Intelligence deployed our solar powered V8 surveillance cameras, in conjunction with our Detect sensors and back-to-base intruder monitoring.

Once setup, the camera or area sensor would alert the back-to-base monitoring team of any intrusion. After reviewing the intrusion our team would call the client or the relevant authorities in accordance the pre approved client instructions to advise of the intrusion. At the same time the siren and strobe would be activated on the camera alerting the intruder that an alarm had been triggered.

As a direct result Daracon is notified in real time of an intrusion and in most cases the intruder leaves site deterred by the siren and strobe. Aided by the real time notification, Vision Intelligence successfully works with local authorities, which has lead to many arrests and convictions.


Capture offenders in the act

Reduce theft on site

Activity recorded for future investigations

Improve site compliance

"VisionIntel have been an integral part of our site security management for many years and provide excellent service and support as and when required. Through the use of their evolving product range, we have managed to successfully reduce onsite intrusion, theft, damage and vandalism with responsive monitoring support and image quality. VisionIntel are available to provide input on site mobilisation and layout to further assist in securing our equipment and property which assists greatly with our often remote locations requiring security monitoring and support."

Neil Linstrom, Property & Security Manager



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