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City of Sailsbury Adelaide

City of Sailsbury Adelaide

City of Sailsbury Adelaide


The City of Salisbury in Adelaide South Australia needed to respond to various community safety issues and embarked on a six month trial of mobile camera solutions to help combat a variety of community concerns which included illegal dumping, hoon driving and traffic management solutions. Vision Intelligence were identified as a suitable provider of existing surveillance solutions in a hire programme to support conducting surveillance in areas of need across identified areas with concerns.




Using V4 and V8 cameras, The City of Sailsbury was able to highlight variances in traffic behaviour, hoon driving and recorded a reduction in illegal dumping during periods of surveillance in areas of concern. More recently the solutions were put to task with a community safety issue targeting rock-throwing behaviours; the solutions supported a SAPOL investigation with surveillance solutions in a residential setting over a 4 month deployment.


Capture offenders in the act

Reduce illegal dumping

Activity recorded for future investigations

“The City of Salisbury reached out to local provider VisionIntel to discuss products to assist us with our 6 month trial. We were promptly supported and products were rapidly deployed to trial sites to enable commencement of our trial program. VisionIntel staff provided localised support and professional guidance to appropriate site locations to confirm and guide Council with ways to maximise the best use of products in the chosen site environments. Our program was collaborative with technical support and tailored alerts being configured to suit our needs for the trial program; Council was fully supported by the VisionIntel team to enable us to maximise the customer service experience.”

Julian Maio, Coordinator Security Services

City of Sailsbury


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